5 new things to check out in the Campustown renovation

Claire Norton

1. Starbucks. What student doesn’t loves coffee (or tea)? The Starbucks, in case you haven’t seen the big sign off of Lincoln Way that says, “OPENING SOON,” it will be located on the ground level of the new Kingland Systems building.

2. Restaurants — and more than one. Warren Madden, senior vice president for business and finance at Iowa State, said there will be a couple of new restaurants opening up in the same Kingland building.

3. CVS drugstore. Just as Dan Breitbarth, student government president, said, “Personally, I’m a Walgreens kind of guy, but I am looking forward to having a supermarket style kind of thing.” This will be located on the ground level of the Kingland building.

4. Parking. According to the website, www.amescampustown.com/redevelopment, there is talk of parking facilities being built to benefit the ISU community in future years.

5. More places to shop. In the new Kingland building there will be more places for the community, not just Iowa State students, to shop for clothing and other items. However, there will be a Iowa State retail vendor (university approved) so that student clubs and organizations can provide for their members.