Top eight back to school apps

Venmo screenshot:

Noah Cary

Having good apps is essential to making the most out of your phone or tablet. Below are the top 8 apps for getting back into the college grind.

1. Venmo:

                        -Venmo is a payment app that allows users to transfer money for free, to any bank account overnight. Forbes called it “The crown jewel of all finance apps.” Buzzfeed has referred to it as the “#1 app college students should download right now.” Venmo is perfect for paying roommates for utilities, or paying back friends that loaned you $10 last night at the bar. 

2. Yik Yak

                        -Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that acts like a local bulletin board to share information, give shout outs or share funny stories. “Yaks” can be upvoted or downvoted anonymously to share news, allowing you to connect with others without ever knowing their name. Spread the word and grow the herd. 

3. Spotify

                        -Spotify is a music app that allows users to listen to music, make playlists, and receive personal music recommendations free. Spotify is a must have when studying, cleaning or building your next party playlist.

4. MyState

                        -MyState is the ultimate student toolkit for ISU students. Use the MyState app to get bus routes and times, locate your next class and decide where to eat or where to find your professor’s office number. This app even allows you to see which laundry units are free if you’re living in the dorms. This is a must have to make life easy on the Iowa State campus.  

5. Mint

                        – Mint is a budgeting app from the makers of Quicken and Turbo Tax to help you manage your money simply and easily. It will categorize your purchases into subcategories such as “Fast Food”, “Gas” or “Entertainment” just to name a few. It will also give you budgeting tips and reminders to keep you under budget. This app links all of your bank accounts into one place to easily check all of your balances as well. 

6. Netflix

                        -Netflix is a must have for the classic college procrastinator. It is the largest subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone, tablet or any other Internet capable device. With a subscription fee of only 7.99 a month it will easily pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

7. Evernote

                        -Evernote is a modern workspace app that will sync across all devices. It allows you to write notes, checklists and research. It also allows you to organize web articles, documents and photos. It also allows you to discuss your work with others right in the app making it great for group projects.

8. Gmail

                        -The Gmail app allows for multiple email accounts to be accessed with an easy to use menu, including your email. It provides up to the second push notifications and badge and lock screen options making it one of the most optimal email apps available.