Sorority selling pretzels for a good cause


Courtesy of Bekah Breyfogle

Nicole Ernst (right), senior in apparel, merchandising and design and fundraising director for Kappa Alpha Theta, and Hannah Noble (left), senior in public relations and chief external affairs officer for Kappa Alpha Theta at the spring 2019 “Homerun for CASA” philanthropy event.

Loretta Mcgraw

Iowa state sorority Kappa Alpha Theta will be hosting its annual philanthropy fundraising event this from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at their sorority house located at 2239 Knapp street in Ames Iowa.

Admission is $5 in advance and $6 at the door. However, all proceeds will go toward benefiting the story county division of Court Appointed Special Advocate. Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA is an organization that helps abused or neglected children through the juvenile court system from foster care into safe, permanent homes.

Although CASA is not a usual run of the mill organization that most have heard of. It is an important organization that Kappa Alpha Theta helps provide monetary support for, in lieu of interaction with the children due to laws prohibiting such interaction given age restrictions, intensive 30 hour training and the time commitment of over a year and a half per case for which advocates that are simultaneously college students do not have the necessary time to invest.

For this year’s event, pretzel twists will be available for attendees along with an array of dips, cinnamon rolls, a house tour and games and fun activities.

Hosting this event at the sorority makes putting on the event far easier given the group effort that the entirety of Kappa Alpha Theta can contribute within the proximity of their own home.

The girls of the soroity advocate on campus and through social media platforms such as Instagram in an attempt to try and get people more involved and knowledgeable about CASA all in efforts to spread the word about the event.

Last year the sorority hosted the fundraiser Homerun for CASA. It was a ballpark themed philanthropy event for Story County’s division of CASA. The national Kappa Alpha Theta sorority has been supporting this cause since 1989 and said it doesn’t plan on stopping.