Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music kicks off Tuesday

Megan Moran

Visual music and electroacoustic music will be included in the Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Music Hall.

Christopher Hopkins, associate professor of music and theater and director of the festival, has been working with the Lipa Festival since the spring of 2005. This year the guest artist, Jeffrey Stolet, will do live electroacoustic music performances. His pieces have been presented in places such as New York, Paris and Japan. Stolet will open and close the festival.

“They are sounds [electroacoustic music] that are made electronically that are either made from scratch or are real world sounds that have been modified,” Hopkins said.

The first half of the concert will focus on visual music or “music with computer animation,” and Scott Wyatt will perform a 3-D sound specialization piece about the 9/11 attacks.

“He [Wyatt] was our first guest in 2005,” Hopkins said. “The 3-D sound specialization is really cool because the sounds are moving all around you and go by, and it’s a lot better than sound effects in the movies.”

Stolet, professor of music and director of intermedia music technology at the University of Oregon, uses a variety of objects and instruments to create his unique sound. He has also collaborated with Ying Tan, associate professor of digital art at the University of Oregon, to create visual electroacoustic music.

The Lipa Festival is free to the public and will feature other artists such as Dennis Miller, professor of music at Northeastern University; Pavel Kopecký, Czech composer who studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; Scott Wyatt, director of music studios at University of Illinois and Tan, who will collaborate with Stolet.