College of Design: Rome Show

Bailey Freestone

The past 10 days have been busy for Iowa State University College of Design students.

Since March 2, these students have been hosting an exhibition in the Design Building called “The Rome Show.”

The Rome Show has been displaying projects of the 66 ISU students who studied abroad in Italy this last fall semester.

The artwork featured in this show was created by 33 graphic design students, 27 interior design students and six integrated studio arts students.

While in Italy, the students were separated into groups by their majors and each group of students took classes that would help them with their major. Every student who traveled to Italy was required to take art history, photography and an Italian language course. Once they returned to Iowa State, they practiced what they had learned in their design classes by putting together this exhibition.

Courses taught in Italy were taught by Iowa State faculty members Brenda Jones, associate professor of art and visual culture; Sunghyun Kang, associate professor; and Cherie Ure, senior lecturer of graphic design.

The students hosted their closing reception Thursday in the Lyle E. Lightfoot Forum in the College of Design and the artwork spilled into Gallery 181.

The show included a vast amount and variety of artwork. The students’ projects included drawings, paintings, photographs, scale models, journals, books, posters and corporate identity and packaging designs. Each piece was created to reflect a portion of the students’ time spent in Italy.

The reception was short and sweet, with plenty of time for viewers to socialize and talk about the outstanding art they were seeing.

The reception was extremely casual and all passersby were welcome to view the many exceptional projects created by fellow students.