Cyclone Rewind: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Dalton Gackle

There is officially a new host of the Late Late Show. I mean, James Corden was already officially the host, but he is now actually on tape with his Monday night debut.

Corden replaced Craig Ferguson.

Corden opened the show by introducing himself to us and giving thanks for the opportunity. All well and good, but we were all waiting to see if he could make us laugh.

For his first show, Corden bypassed the monologue. Risky.

Instead, he showed us a video with the theme of how he became the host. It was a very funny production that spoofed “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” celebrities and the talk show business. Of course, Jay Leno had to make an appearance and hint that he would eventually take over the show.

Corden then moved on to bring in his first ever guests: Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks.

Those are some pretty hefty names, and you could tell Corden was a little flustered, talking to those actors.

Corden was fangirling over Mila Kunis, and almost put Tom Hanks aside for a few minutes.

Then he hit it off with Hanks. Together they performed the illustrious career of Tom Hanks in five minutes. It was a funny, impressive and respectful rendition.

After that, the three talked once again, and this time it was more engaged among them all. Corden began to feel comfortable.

To end the show, instead of having a big name band come in, or even having his studio band headed by Reggie Watts perform, Corden was his own musical guest.

Again, risky, but it was heartfelt and well thought out. It was no grand finale, but it was enjoyable.

I see a bright future for Corden.