Adam DeVine brings laughter to Iowa State

Megan Moran

The Great Hall was filled with laughter as Adam DeVine, comedian, co-star and co-creator of “Workaholics,” took the stage Feb. 27.

“It was really funny, definitely worth waiting in line for over an hour,” said Aurelie Rozeboom, sophomore in English.

Aside from his tour, Devine also hosts his own television show, “Adam DeVine’s House Party,” which started in 2013, where he highlights some up-and-coming comedians.

The opening acts “Adam DeVine’s House Party,” Austin Anderson, and from “The Heat,” Adam Ray, took the stage before Devine. Both openers left the crowd laughing.

“I think I had a horrible accident when I was a kid and I was hit by a cement truck and couldn’t walk … luckily I was crushed by that cement truck, so I learned to be funny because I couldn’t be star baseball player, which were my initial dreams, ” DeVine said about his comedy career.

“Workaholics,” currently in its fifth season, first aired on Comedy Central in April 2011 and co-stars Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, who also all co-created the show. 

“I met Blake first … at improv class. He was super funny and he had this tiny little afro, and I was like, ‘The dude with the little afro is so funny.’ I teamed up with him to do sketch comedy. I was like, ‘Hey you’re really funny, lets write together,'” DeVine said about meeting his co-stars in “Workaholics”

“Then I moved up with Kyle to [Los Angeles] to do stand-up … and Kyle was going to film school. Then I met Ders [Anders] at The Second City, which is a famous improv school … and he was really funny. This was when YouTube just started to pop off.”

The four started a YouTube channel, Mail Order Comedy, which then landed them a spot on Comedy Central with their hit show “Workaholics.”

“I had a great time, all three comedians were hilarious,” said McKenzie Palm, sophomore at Illinois State University. “I liked how they interacted with the crowd. ‘Listen and it will be there,’” 

DeVine has also been seen on “Modern Family”, “Pitch Perfect” and its sequel, “Pitch Perfect Two.”