Music scholarship application deadline is approaching

Lani Tons

Auditions for the music scholarships are Feb. 12 to Feb. 14. The twenty-minute auditions give each student the chance to broadcast their talent for the faculty within their interest.

Around $150,000 is awarded to outstanding students majoring in music and non-majors who strive to enhance their learning through music. 

Kevin Judge, academic adviser of the music and theatre department, coordinates the music scholarship auditions with the help of its secretary in the main music office.

“We receive a fair number of scholarships for vocal, brass, strings, winds and percussion. We have a very strong music education program at Iowa State and I think a majority of the prospective students who audition are looking to pursue that degree,” Judge said.

The committee of faculty members not only includes the professors, but everyone who is a part of that specific instrument division. When it comes to audition time, they will look for certain attributes. If a student can perform impressively, this quality should be displayed during the audition.

“To be accepted into a studio, a prospective music major must be talented, perform well and show a dedicated interest in pursuing a music degree at Iowa State,” Judge said.

Michael Golemo, professor and chairman of the music and theatre department, also encourages current students interested in transferring to the school of music to take advantage of the scholarships.

“If there is a student at Iowa State thinking about transferring to music, this is an audition they do not want to miss,” Golemo said.

Transfer students are not left out of this audition opportunity either.

“The auditions are not only for scholarships, they are auditions for all entering music majors, even transfer students,” Golemo said.

The applications and audition forms can be found on the music school’s website. After a student fills them out, they are then sent online.

“We use a software program that takes care of gathering student information such as ACT Scores, where they go to school and even class rank,” Golemo said.

Applicants will audition and are taken into consideration for different scholarships. The Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall even has its own scholarship for the music department.

“There are some scholarships for voice, even some just for the marching band. There are some that are based on certain areas,” Golemo said

Auditions will take place in Music Hall in different rooms of the building, according to the student’s specific interest. The application is found online through the music department’s website.

“If a student fills out the application in its entirety, they will receive an audition date and time,” Judge said.

The applications must be filled in and sent through the online system before the auditions take place on Feb. 12.