ISU tennis gets a win against Utah State

Brian Mozey

ISU tennis finished off the weekend 1-1 with a 5-2 win against Utah State. The doubles point was an important win for the overall match. 

With senior Meghan Cassens and junior Ana Gasparovic losing first, the pressure was on senior Ksenia Pronina and sophomore Samantha Budai as well as senior Caroline Andersen and junior Alejandra Galvis. 

A win in doubles meant ISU only needed three singles wins. The win against Utah State was a confidence booster because Utah State previously defeated BYU was is ranked 55 in country. 

The singles was changed for this match as Budai became the number one player and Pronina was brought down to two. Coach Armando Espinosa made the decision to switch before single matches started. 

The ISU tennis team has a week and half before they take on Northern Iowa on Feb. 18.