Grandchamp at Vaudeville Mews


Courtesy of Charlie Cacciatore

Preview of Grandchamp

Laurel Feakes

The curly-haired members of Grandchamp will be at Vaudeville Mews on Jan. 23.

Grandchamp is most similar to Modest Mouse, with influences such as speeding in cars, narcissism and cigarettes. Cacciatore has a very delicious influence to his music.

Grandchamp is a new indie rock band that began a year ago when lead vocalist Charlie Cacciatore and bassist Andrew Jones discovered Bridget Albaugh, who later became their drummer. Matt Albaugh and Nate Kouri were also added to the group later.

Grandchamp is a young band, but Cacciatore said that he would like to see the band reach the point in a career where they could go on tour and make a living off of their music. Grandchamp performed at the 80/35 music festival in July 2014 and is quickly making a name for themselves. 

“Before we go on stage, we make a setlist and tune our instruments, nothing special. We usually show up way too early though,” Cacciatore said. 

At a typical Grandchamp concert, listeners move their heads to the music and tap their feet. Crowd surfing and moshing have been known to occur at a Grandchamp concert.  

“Grandchamp shows are the kind of shows where you go and stand with your hands in your pockets and bop your head to the beat of the song. However, rowdiness has been known to occur,” Cacciatore said.

Grandchamp’s demographic has a very wide range, according to Cacciatore.

“[Our demographic is] anyone willing to listen,” Cacciatore said.

Grandchamp will play at Vaudeville Mews at 5:30 p.m. in Des Moines. Tickets are $5 and all ages are welcome. Tickets can be purchased at the door.