Cyclone Rewind: ‘Friends’

Dalton Gackle

Netflix is starting the year off with the one that everyone loves: “Friends.” Yes, the entire “Friends” series is available for binge watching.

“Friends” is one of the more popular television shows, so much so that fans await and speculate its return, yet it is an idea that has been shot down by the main cast and the producers.

The series was successful by the very nature of its title and subsequent episode format. What could connect with an audience more than a group of friends going through the trials of life together? It provided insight into both common and obscure situations that you and your friends could have found yourselves in. It provided plenty of laughs to share with Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe.

“Friends” was also successful due to the balance between comedy and drama it created. Many of the problems and issues played out on the show, while not necessarily dramatic, were very real and true. Finding solutions to everyday problems while backing them with comedy allowed its audience to see that no matter what the problem was, everything would be OK. Most importantly, your friends will always be there for you.

Friends cemented the legacies of its main cast in television history, though each cast member’s level of success has varied, since the show ended.

Matt LeBlanc, known as Joey in “Friends,” was the ditzy friend. He was handsome and had a childlike naivety that everyone could adore. LeBlanc later starred in a spin-off of “Friends” that featured Joey trying to star in Hollywood. He currently stars on the Showtime series “Episodes” and has been critically acclaimed for his portrayal of himself.

David Schwimmer, known as Ross in “Friends,” was the nerdy friend. Though he was labeled as such, it was not necessarily an insult. People today still compare themselves and others to Ross. He was intelligent and he ended up with Rachel in the end. Schwimmer’s biggest role since the end of “Friends” has been Melman, the giraffe in the Madagascar franchise.

Mathew Perry, known as Chandler in “Friends,” was the awkward friend. He had trouble starting conversations and relationships, a very relatable problem, but he eventually married Monica. Perry starred in several relatively successful films while he was still on the show. Most of his recent work is in cameos, though he did have a new show, “Go On,” which lasted one season.

Lisa Kudrow, known as Phoebe in “Friends,” was the quirky friend. She was crazy and different, but that was what made her who she was. She had plenty of relationships that could not and would not last, but with the help of her friends, found a husband, Mike, played by future movie star Paul Rudd. Kudrow has since been in several romantic comedies, most notably “P.S. I Love You.” She also currently stars in “Web Therapy,” where she runs her therapist practice on the Internet. The entire main cast of “Friends,” except Jennifer Aniston, have appeared on the show.

Courtney Cox, known as Monica in “Friends,” was the organized friend. She organized her friends’ lives, in accordance with her type “A” personality. Cox has starred in the Scream franchise and currently stars on the sit-com “Cougar Town,” in which Perry, Aniston and Kudrow have all had a cameo.

Jennifer Aniston, known as Rachel in “Friends,” was the popular friend. Rachel was at the center of almost every relationship by either being involved in it or by giving advice on it. Aniston has had the most successful career out of all the members of the main cast, starring in plenty of films, including “Office Space,” “Marley and Me,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “We’re the Millers” and the Horrible Bosses franchise, to name a few. While she was on the show, her hairstyle even became a trend for young women. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful celebrities in history, according to Men’s Health, the magazine that named her the “sexiest woman of all time.”

However their careers have played out since the show disbanded, regardless of a return or not, all of their legacies will be immortalized in West Village apartment #5. They will always be remembered as the crazy and perfect group of best friends onscreen and later offscreen.