What is Student Union Board?

Emily Benda

Loved the Timeflies concert two weeks ago? Look forward to every Cyclone Cinema? Can’t wait to see Adam Devine’s standup act this February? Maybe you’d like to suggest an artist or entertainer to be the next act that comes to Iowa State? Who is in charge of all of these things anyway? 


The answer to that question is Student Union Board, also known as SUB. SUB is a student-run organization that coordinates events to provide a variety of entertainment for Iowa State students. There are fifteen directors on the executive board and multiple committees that plan, setup, and take down events.  


While SUB is an event-planning group, students join from a wide spread of majors and interests. 


“I joined Student Union Board because I wanted to take a break from industrial engineering and get involved with entertainment,” said Tiffany Holt, co-director of performing arts.. 


Freshman in food science, Tad Beekman joined SUB for similar reasons. “I went to a meeting, it was fun and the people were welcoming. I’ll probably be here for a while,” Beekman said. 


SUB has about 165 general members total and meets every other Wednesday to discuss upcoming activities and general business. A main theme coming from members was how much they enjoyed working together. 


“The people I work with are my friends, it’s really cool to work with such a close group,” Holt said.


“The best part is getting to plan and execute a fun event and to see people have fun and leave happy. There’s also good people to work with,” said Mikayla O’Brien, vice-president of administration. 


SUB is open to all students, regardless of experience. Applications are available on their website for people who are interested in joining. 


For more information about Student Union Board, visit sub.iastate.edu