Little Big Fest Preview with William Elliott Whitmore


Courtesy of Christopher Ford

Little Big Fest Preview with William Elliott Whitmore Photo

Laurel Feakes

William Elliott Whitmore will bring his guitar and boots to Wooly’s at 9 p.m. on Nov. 21 for the Little Big Fest music festival. 

Little Big Fest is a music festival that brings roots, blues, jazz, jam and more to Des Moines. This year, Little Big Fest takes place on Nov. 21 and 22. The venues hosting these artists include Wooly’s, State Historical Building, Gas Lamp, House of Bricks and Beechwood Lounge.

With a simple and intimate set, Whitmore is excited to play for the Des Moines crowd once again. Fans can expect a simple show, just him and his music, said Whitmore. However, he did say he might shine his boots, but he just hasn’t decided yet.

With songs that have a country feel, Whitmore brings together a sound that he hopes fans can relate to. His goal is that the audience can get something out of the songs, whether that be happiness or sadness. 

“Maybe they can relate to what I’m saying or they just like the melody, but to at least feel something and to dance their butts off if they feel the urge,” Whitmore said. 

Inspiration for Whitmore’s music comes from the typical friends and family, but he also pulls inspiration from outside of friends and family.

“In a different way I do get ideas from corrupt politicians, cops who shoot first and ask questions later, and corporations whose policies treat nature like a toilet. These are three examples of entities I feel it is my duty to rally against,” Whitmore said.

More acts that are included in the Little Big Fest line-up are: Charlie Parr, Kevin Gordon, Patrick Hazell and Joe Price of the Mother Blues Band, Dave Moore, and many more.

Tickets of the shows vary in price as well as the ages allowed for shows. For Whitmore’s show, tickets are $13-$15. All-access passes are $28-$30, Saturday passes are $18-$20 and the History of Iowa Roots Music ticket is $13-$15.  For more information go to