Scoring Cross Country

Kyle Heim

Even though cross country teams typically race seven runners at each meet, only five of those runners score points for their respective teams.

The points scored by each runner directly relates to their overall position at the meet. The first runner to finish scores one point for their team, the second runner scores two points, the 12th runner scores 12 points, and so on.

The team with the lowest amount of points scored by their top-five runners wins the meet.

At the NCAA Midwest Regional, Iowa State had their top runners finish fourth, fifth, T13th, T13th, and 30th. The team scored four, five, 13, 14 and 30 points. Since there was a tie for 13th place, one runner is assigned 13 points and the other 14.

Iowa State ended up with 66 total points, scoring the least amount of points amongst its competitors.

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