CYFACTOR Succes-Review

Emily Benda

There was a little more exCYtement going on than a typical Open Mic night on Oct. 7 in the Maintenance Shop Tuesday. For homecoming this year, Homecoming Central and Student Union Board decided to team up to put on a variety show called CYFACTOR. 

This was this first time CYFACTOR has been a part of Homecoming Week, but it definitely will not be the last. 

Students were lining up outside 30 minutes before the doors opened. Once the clock hit 7:30 p.m., bodies flocked to find a seat inside. There are approximately 130 seats inside the Maintenance Shop and every single one of those seats was filled. That didn’t include the lines of people still waiting outside, hoping to get a seat. 

I’m sure Student Union Board and Homecoming Central had no idea how much of a success this night would be, but in the future I think hosting the event in a larger space would be better so more students could have the opportunity to hear the great acts. 

In order to perform at CYFACTOR, performers had to audition on Oct. 1 and 2. There were about 35 acts who tried out, but only 12 were chosen. 

Starting off the night, a group of two girls who called themselves The Roomies. Yes, they are indeed roommates. These girls had a nice acoustic sound with both a guitar and ukelele. The Roomies performed two original love songs that reminded me a bit of Taylor Swift. 

Next to perform was pianist Marie Todey. Todey had a shy presence that quickly died away as she owned a deep jump bass in her piano solo. Her piece had attitude and spunk, something that wasn’t expected from Todey. 

Following Todey was singer/guitarist, Nick Pigott. Pigott covered two songs and had a few technical and guitar slip ups, but shrugged it off well. His version of “Feelin’ Good” was what impressed me the most. What is known as a big band, jazzy song, Pigott transformed it and gave the song a rock edge to accompany his incredible vocals. 

To switch things up a bit, the next act was a group of four rappers. One of those being Austin Kirkpatrick, who has performed at Open Mic night before. I thought this was a unique performance, but it seemed to lack zeal and energy. 

Sean Diemer, another singer-songwriter, performed two of his original songs. Diemer had a upbeat, pop vibe similar to Mat Kearney and a look of pure contentment on his face as he played. It was obvious Diemer was in his happy place with his guitar on stage. 

Comedian Chad Rietschel was next on stage. His energy was obvious and the crowd responded enthusiastically. Although Rietschel was on stage for only ten minutes, the crowd roared with laughter every minute. The comedy was a good break from the multiple music acts and was one of my favorite performances. 

Kurt Bearinger made the country girls in the audience swoon as he sang his original song, “Find Me a Dime,” with his deep county croon. He looked comfortable on stage and even got the audience to clap along to the beat. 

Abhi Pant followed the country singer with a cover and another original song in the works. His slower version of “Straight Up” had a tortured soul, emotional connection and struck the audience with awe. The control Pant had over his vocal expression was absolutely incredible. His guitar skills were nothing to be ashamed of, either. The audience was impressed by Pant’s talent and applauded him warmly. 

Cassidy Maher had a tough act to follow up but did her best with an outgoing personality and well-known songs. She encouraged the audience to sing along and called out those who weren’t participating, making her performance lively and entertaining.

Next, Michael Osman took the stage with his quick wit and fascinating magic tricks. He brought up a volunteer to help him with a toilet paper act and kept the audience giggling at his “mistakes” that turned into magic tricks. 

This was another refreshing act in between music performances and was received well by the crowd.

After Osman, Grant Luther and Alyssa Parma sang two duet covers together. While I was not impressed with their “Someone Like You” cover, the mashup of “Say Something” and “I Won’t Give Up” was absolutely beautiful. Their voices blended very well and transitions between songs were extremely smooth. 

The closing act was Maria Doud, who also opened for the David Nail concert last week. Doud shared two of her original songs and another cover of “Leave the Pieces.” Halfway through her cover, Doud forgot the lyrics, and ended her performance singing with the helpful audience. 

It was not a strong ending as expected, but the audience singing along created an atmosphere of camaraderie that was pleasant. 

Overall, I was impressed with the acts of CYFACTOR and the large crowd it brought to the Maintenance Shop. The event was free and very entertaining. 

I truly hope that SUB and Homecoming Central will continue this great opportunity for students during homecoming weeks in the future.