‘Flow’ streams through Iowa State

“Flow” is streaming through Iowa State

Haley Brase

Co’Motion Dance Theater presents “Flow” and as an added bonus, “Lullabies” on Oct. 18 at Iowa State’s Toman Studio.

This eye catching performance will display constant flexibility, articulate moves and diligence through each dancer.

Throughout each performance, music composed by Walker Pett, will burst from the speakers while a variety of color schemes will splatter across the background, which will change as the dancers start to move.

“The dancer’s image is captured in the background,” said Valerie Williams, choreographer for Co’Motion Dance Theater. “Dancer’s movement controls what the audience sees and to a certain extent, what the audience hears.”

Practicing twice a week for four hours, the sweat gleaming from Williams, as well as the dancers, shows their passion for dance.

“The movement is dense but there’s lots going on,” Williams said.

The echoes of upbeat music reciprocates the dancer’s swift movements through the air. Consistently being intertwined, the performers respond well to each other and incorporate incredible strength.

“There’s so much more urgency in that choreography,” said Elizabeth Ferreira, a dancer who has worked with Co’Motion Dance Theater for 13 years. “The whole thing is so much more driving, and “Lullabies” does not have that same kind of forcefulness. The contrast is nice.”

There are solos, duets and group parts in “Flow.” Ben Rethmeier, who has danced for Co’Motion Dance Theater for 10 years, does a duet with Ferreira, which she is rather fond of.

“My favorite part is the duet with Ben. There’s an element of improvisation in it, so it’s always a little fresh and new,” Ferreira said. “When you do the piece it kind of feels like going home. Dancing with Ben, we’ve danced together for so long — it’s a comfort.”

For “Lullabies,” each performer can come in at different times, creating a cannon, but can suddenly be distinctively in sync with each other at the drop of a beat.

“”Lullabies” is simpler but not necessarily easier,” said Williams.

Ferreira, who is 25 weeks pregnant, was actually the reason Williams chose to do “Lullabies,” in addition to “Flow.”

“We’re doing this actually in honor of Elizabeth,” said Williams. “Lullabies is not brand new work. I did it when a previous dancer was pregnant.”

Moving just as charismatically as the other dancers, Ferreira does not seem to have a problem dancing like she always has, even though she is pregnant.

“At the show I’ll be like 29 or 30 weeks,” said Ferreira. “I talked to my doctor about it, and you know, I’ve been moving all along and dancing for years, so it’s kind of the normal thing for my body.”

Welcoming her new baby to the world will not be a problem since the dancers have a strong, family-like connection with each other.

Tickets will be available at the door the day of the performance. $15 general admission and $10 for students and seniors. Co’Motion Dance Theater will perform “Flow” and “Lullabies” at 8p.m. on Oct. 18 at ISU’s Toman Studio in Forker Hall.