Penalties on top of penalties for Cyclone Hockey in loss to Ohio


Kara Denner/ Iowa State Daily

The Iowa State hockey team played Missouri State Sept. 27 and Sept. 29. The Ice Bears won both games, leaving with a 2-0 victory.

Nash Vanbibber

Cyclone Hockey faced the Ohio Bobcats Friday night in Athens, Ohio. The Cyclones were defeated 4-2.

The Bobcats were up all night. During the first period with 3:03 left, the Bobcats were up 3-0 but nudged another goal in to make it 4-0 Bobcats. Senior goalie Nikita Kozak had a tough night allowing four goals in just one quarter for the first time all year.

During the second period freshman forward Max Kamper found a rebound and scored a goal — the first of the night for the Cyclones. At the end of the second period, the Cyclones had a power play to set up a 2-4 score in favor of the Bobcats.

The Cyclones did not generate anything offensively during the third period. Junior Max Olson started the third period going to the box for holding and the Bobcats were called for hooking all night. Senior forward David Rutkowski was called for a hit to the head of one of the Ohio Bobcats players.

Head coach of the Iowa State hockey team Jason Fairman was disappointed in the team’s performance. Fairman said the team did not come to play against the Ohio Bobcats.

The Cyclones were the least penalized team in Division I last year. This was not the case Friday — the game was filled with penalties all over the board.

“The guys have to change, right now we are not a full team,” Fairman said. “There are many guys who are injured or have an illness, guys have to step up.”

According to Fairman, he expected hooking from the Bobcats. Fairman believed the team played well in the second period the team just could not edge out any more goals in the third.

“If we play the way we did in the second period, we will be successful tomorrow,” Fairman said.

Cyclone Hockey will be back in Athens Saturday night to face the Bobcats again.