Maintenance Shop welcomes Tyler Hilton

Courtesy of Student Union Board

Courtesy of Student Union Board

Emily Benda

Known for his role as Chris Keller on the popular TV show, “One Tree Hill”, musician Tyler Hilton will perform at the Maintenance Shop this Friday. 

Off the screen, Tyler Hilton has been even busier creating music. 

Ever since Tyler Hilton can remember, all he has ever wanted to do was be a musician. 

“I’m so happy I get to do this and people still come and listen enough that I’m not scared to death to come up on stage and do it,” Hilton said.

Since 2000, the singer-songwriter has continued to create albums and music that express what is happening in his life, despite the constant touring and traveling. 

“Traveling used to be so fun when I was kid, but literally after your first two years you’re like, ‘this is the worst, how much do I want to do this.’ Sometimes the only creative moment you have is when you’re on stage, but I just knew it was what I wanted,” Hilton said. 

After releasing his first self-titled album independently, Tyler Hilton signed to Warner Bros. and released his second album “The Tracks of Tyler Hilton”. While in the works for his next album, Hilton left Warner Bros. due to a change within the company. 

“You’ve got all the freedom and at that point you’ve got to ask yourself, ‘how sure are you that you want to do this,’ and for me it was the best decision,” Hilton said. “It felt like a break up where my life changed a lot, and the more those things happen, the more you realize that more of those things will happen and they’re less scary. That sucks, but I’m still here.”

Hilton came back when he released the album “Forget the Storm” through his own record label, Hooptie Tune Records. Hilton is expected to release his next album, “Indian Summer”, this November. 

While most of Hilton’s music has been considered pop, “Indian Summer” will have a more country vibe. 

“I was in Nashville writing, and I just loved how the songs sounded in my living room, so I decided to combine them into an album,” Hilton said. 

Iowa State can expect to hear most of Tyler Hilton’s older music on Oct. 24, but Hilton said he also will play one or two from his upcoming album.

“People who watch One Tree Hill will be interested in his music,” said Melissa Sheret, co-director of the Maintenance Shop for Student Union Board.

Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 24 in the Maintenance Shop in the Memorial Union.

Tickets are $15 with a student ID or $20 for the public with a $2 increase the day of the show. Tickets can be purchased at the Maintenance Shop or online at