Top 10 boot styles we’re falling for this season

The new selection of boots this fall will help you spruce up your wardrobe.

Emma Kuntz

  1. Over the Knee- Boots that hit the top of the knee cap or higher.
  2. Riding- Made to be used for horse riding, but unlimited styling options!
  3. Buckle & Moto– Referencing motorcycles, outside boot with low heel.
  4. Booties– Hits around the ankle, comes in variety of colors, styles, textures, and prints.
  5. Quilted– Boot with top stitching that resembles a quilt.
  6. Leopard– Any boot style with a leopard print or texture.
  7. Blue Suede– Any boot style in blue suede fabric.  
  8. Black & White– Any boot style with only black and white colors.
  9. Bohemian– Unconventional style, typically with fringe, lace, or native fabrics.  
  10. Gray– Any boot style in any material and gray in color.