Bar Guide: Drink Specials

Kendall Evans


Welch Ave. Station: $3 off all pitchers

DG’s Tap House: $1 wells

Whiskey River: $2.75 progressive domestic pints, $3 Fireball shots

Mother’s Pub: $2.50 Michelob, $2 wells

Corner Pocket: $2.50 domestic bottles, $4 monster drinks

Sportsman’s Lounge: $5 domestic pitchers, $6 Shock Top


Welch Ave. Station: $1.25 bottles Busch and High Life

DG’s Tap House: $2 captains

Whiskey River: $2.75 tall boys, $3 vodka and tonics, $3 whiskey cokes

Mother’s Pub: $3 domestics, $2 wells, $2 Dos Equis

Corner Pocket: $2.50 captains

Sportsman’s Lounge: $2.50 wells

Cy’s Roost: $2 top shelf


Welch Ave. Station: $1.25 pints Dinky Wheat, Bud, Miller and Coors

DG’s Tap House: $1 pit night on Olde Main draws

Whiskey River: $3 captains and UV vodka apple pie shots

Corner Pocket: $2 wells

Sportsman’s Lounge: $2.50 apple pie shots

Cy’s Roost: $7 any pitcher


Welch Ave. Station: top shelf night — $5 doubles, $2.25 daiquiris

DG’s Tap House: $2.50 Jacks

Whiskey River: Mug Night — $3 wells, $3.50 domestic draws, $4.50 crafts

Mother’s Pub: $4.50 domestics, $7 crafts

Corner Pocket: $1 off all bottled beer, $2.50 Bush Light bottles

Charlie Yokes: Mug Night — $4 draws, $5 wells

Sportsman’s Lounge: $2.50 domestic bottles

Cy’s Roost: Mug Night — $3 draws, $5 wells


Welch Ave. Station: $4 long islands, $3.50 daiquiris

DG’s Tap House: $2.50 tall boys

Whiskey River: $2.75 wells, bottles with free chips and salsa

Mother’s Pub: $2 Hamm and Old Milwaukee cans, $4 signature drinks

Charlie Yokes: $5 steins


Welch Ave. Station: $6.75 pitchers until 8 p.m.

DG’s Tap House: $2.50 tall boys

Mother’s Pub: $2 Hamm and Old Milwaukee cans, $3 wells, $3 domestics, $4 signature drinks

Cy’s Roost: For home ISU football games, $3 drafts, $4 bloody mary bar, $5 long islands, $6 pitchers


Welch Ave. Station: Happy Hour all day

Mother’s Pub: Happy Hour all day

Corner Pocket: Happy Hour all day