Attendees ‘chase George Washington’ at Monday Monologue


Students perform the musical play “Chasing George Washington” in Parks Library as part of a Monday Monologue on Oct. 28.

Olivia Ruf

The library was filled with cheer and song at this week’s Monday Monologue, where the department of music and theatre presented an inside look at their ongoing production of “Chasing George Washington.”

Monday Monologues is a lunchtime series that takes place on Mondays in the Grant Wood Foyer at Parks Library. The foyer is an open public space behind the cafe in the library.

This week’s monologue, showcasing the musical taking place at Fisher Theater, is the second to last monologue of the semester. The final monologue of this semester will take place Nov. 18.

The event began with an introduction by Susan Jasper, program coordinator at Parks Library. After the brief introduction, music began to play, and actors of the story jumped out into the foyer. The group acted out scenes from the beginning of the musical, singing multiple songs from the soundtrack as well.

The story “Chasing George Washington” follows three students on their field trip to the White House. While on their tour, they accidentally bump into a portrait of George Washington, bringing him to life. In this story, the students are led on an adventure by Washington and get to learn more about the White House, other historical figures and documents in a music-filled way.

“It’s a very family oriented performance,” Jasper said. “It’s an opportunity to let grown-ups have some fun.”

The performance began with Ms. Letter, played by Morgan Reetz, freshman in performing arts, introducing the audience as characters in the story, alongside the three protagonists — Dee, played by E’mma Camara; Annie, played by Abbigail Markus, sophomore in performing arts; and José, played by Keith Norma, freshman in performing arts.

She listed off rules and expectations for the students, which is where their charismatic personalities come into play. The students are all enthused about their trip to the White House and are intrigued to learn more about what they call “one of the most important houses in the world.”

They are soon let down when they discover that the things they actually came to the White House to observe are the decorations and furniture. After one of the guards of the White House gives them a lecture about the rules of the place, the students notice George Washington is not in his portrait anymore. Then, they are shocked to see he has jumped out of the painting and is now in their world.

The students then follow Washington, who is played by Nicolas Ronkar, junior in kinesiology and health. On their adventure, they meet other historical icons and learn more about the United States’ history.

Performances of “Chasing George Washington” will take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Fisher Theater. Admission is $20 for adults, $10 for students and $5 for youth aged 17 and younger. Tickets may be purchased through the Stephens Auditorium ticket office or on