Bar Guide: Girls night out vs. guys night out


Kenzi Mongar/Iowa State Daily

Students, Nik Tomassoni and Will Higgins, share their plans for the upcoming weekend.

Kenzi Mongar

Once Friday hits, the plans for the weekend flood social media and cellphones.

Students make time to hang out with friends and take a break from homework to prepare for a night out with their girls/guys. The question is, do girls and guys have similar plans when going out on a Friday or Saturday night? Students explained their typical night with friends. 

“My friends and I usually start in west Ames to get some food then take a taxi or bus over to Campustown,” said Will Higgins, senior in industrial engineering.

Groups of young adults crowd bars on Welch Street, the popular spot for nightlife. 

“Bars are simple because you don’t have to plan, you just know it’s always going to be a party,” said Nik Tomassoni, senior in industrial engineering. “There’s no mess to clean up like a house party might have.”

People go to bars without the worry of house party responsilbities.  Around campus students explain their excitement to start their night as soon as, FAC “Friday After Class.” 

Other students take their time to relax before going out. 

“My roommates and I just relax at our apartment after class on Friday nights. Sometimes grab a glass of wine and talk, or go out to the bars,” said Kiri Eberhart, graduate student in industrial engineer. “Regardless whether or not you like to drink, bars are a place people come together in a social location.”

The bar scene isn’t an option for those under 21. Younger students find other fun things to do.

“We play basketball quite a bit at the gym or video games,” said Josh Hilbert, sophomore in agricultural business.”Sometimes we’ll go out to house parties because it’s fun getting to socialize with new people.”

Sometimes a night-in can be the desired plan after a long school week.

“My friends and I make a ton of crazy desserts to eat and just watch stupid movies,” said Lauran Chambers, junior in biochemistry.