GSB seeks justices, adviser to fill vacant Supreme Court slots

Maddy Arnold

The Government of the Student Body is now seeking applications for GSB Supreme Court justices after all nine members and their adviser resigned last spring.

The justices resigned April 24 after the GSB Senate failed to pass a bill to give the judicial branch a funding account for branch initiatives. If it had passed, the judicial branch would not have to get approval from the Senate to use funding, which is the system currently in place. 

All eight associate justice positions as well as the position of chief justice are empty. GSB is hoping to fill the vacant spots through an open application process.

GSB president Hillary Kletscher will accept applications for all the positions through Sept. 12. 

An executive team will be having a meeting later in the week to determine the next steps in choosing a new faculty adviser for the court.

“This is a really unique opportunity to rebuild the Government of the Student Body Supreme Court, and I am looking forward to selecting a diverse group of individuals who represent the views of our student body,” Kletscher said in a press release.