Titus: 5 things to know about the Ebola outbreak

Katie Titus

1. This Ebola outbreak has taken the most lives in history with nearly 4,500 infected and 2,500 deaths caused by the virus.

2. The Ebola virus originally came from the fruit bats of West Africa. Once the virus is contracted by a human, it can then be spread from one person to the next.

3. There are not enough facilities in West Africa to house all of the patients suffering from the Ebola virus. Many people who have contracted the virus have to be turned away at the risk of infecting other people.

4. Ninety percent of all of the people who contract the disease will die. The beginning symptoms are nausea and people begin to bleed from the eyes, nose and mouth as they near death.

5. The people of West Africa need help. Any support from the United States is welcomed. More and more people are getting infected and soon the virus will start branching out to different parts of the world if the deadly Ebola virus is not stopped.