Week 4 fantasy football preview

Kyle Kubiak

If you have been paying attention to this year’s football season, the two things you’ll know is that there has been a lot of lawsuits and even more injuries. Both of those things do not bone well for people’s fantasy squads and now that it is week, it is going to be even more difficult. Why is that? Week four is the beginning of the bye weeks.

This week’s teams on a bye are the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and the St. Louis Rams. All of those teams have at least one or more players who are said to be owned in 100 percent of leagues, according to ESPN.

(So to rookies of fantasy football, check your teams before Thursday, you might need to pick someone up before the NY Giants and Washington Redskins play.)

Top 5 QB’s in Week 4

Drew Brees, NO  350 PASS, 3 TD 
2 Aaron Rodgers, GB  355 PASS, 2 TD 
3 Matthew Stafford, DET  290 PASS, 2 TD, 1 INT 
Matt Ryan, ATL  300 PASS, 3 TD, 1 INT 
Andrew Luck, IND  255 PASS, 50 RUS, 3 TD, 1 INT 

Waiver Wire: According to ESPN, only 3.5 percent of people in their leagues own Teddy Bridgewater and now that he is the Vikings starter, he could be someone good to grab just in case he breaks out. Another quarterback is rookie Blake Bortles, who is slated to only be owned in 1.7 percent of leagues. Bortles is also a good person to have as a back up.

Top 5 RB’s in Week 4

DeMarco Murray, DAL  125 RUS, 25 REC, 3 TD 
Le’Veon Bell, PIT  160 RUS, 40 REC, 2 TD 
LeSean McCoy, PHI  90 RUS, 40 REC 
Arian Foster, HOU  80 RUS, 1 TD 
Matt Forte, CHI  70 RUS, 50 REC 

Waiver Wire: If you’re in a deep league, and regardless if you’re not, RBs are a hot commodity so the majority of them have been picked up. If Ahmad Bradshaw is still lying around there, definitely grab him in the wire. Trent Richardson has gotten more touches than Bradshaw, but Bradshaw has had way more production in every game. Another person to keep your eye out for if  for some reason let go in your league would be Maurice Jones-Drew or Chris Johnson. 

Top 5 WR’s in Week 4

Calvin Johnson, DET  115 REC, 1 TD 
Dez Bryant, DAL  120 REC, 2 TD 
Julio Jones, ATL  80 REC, 2 TD 
Antonio Brown, PIT  100 REC 
Alshon Jeffrey, CHI  95 REC, 1 TD 

Waiver Wire: There are two rookies who are not being owned by 98 percent of leagues and that is the Eagles Jordan Matthews and the Jaguars Allen Robinson. Both rookies put up big numbers last week and have the ability to do that every single game. Don’t automatically throw either of these guys in your starting line up unless you really need help, but they are both nice bench options to have for down the road.