City Council approves requests to rezone land, close streets for celebrations

Michaela Ramm

Ames City Council met Sept. 9 to discuss Dinkey Day, the Ames Public Library reopening and residential developments.

The major discussion that took place in the City Council chambers was the rezoning of 79 acres of land north of Ada Hayden Heritage Park owned by Quarry Estates, LLC. The company proposed to the council the development of a residential subdivision, which would be called Quarry Estates.

The approval required the permission of a conservation subdivision for the land use and the protection of watershed in Ada Hayden Lake. One particular concern that was brought forth was the effect this project may have on the water supply in that parcel of land.

“We rely on that water supply,” said councilman Tim Gartin. “Is there anything we should be doing to protect that water supply?”

Several members of the community came forth to discuss this matter with the council, arguing in favor for this resolution. One person was Kurt Friedrich, who has a part in the development of the land.

“A large area will be set aside for conservation and for the enjoyment for the residents and the community,” Friedrich said.

The council approved the request, allowing for the development of Quarry Estates.

Another major discussion that took place during the council meeting concerned the zoning of floodplains in the city of Ames. The City Council hopes to adopt new flood maps for College Creek and Worle Creek, and a rezoning of floodplains in Ames.

The city of Ames participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, which allows property owners to purchase insurance to protect homes and businesses from damages. Due to Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations that came to be known in 2010, funding would be awarded to high-performing states, from which the city of Ames could greatly benefit. By adopting new flood maps, the city would be able to develop on existing floodplains.

However, some members of the community did not approve of the request. One member of the local community voiced a concern on building on floodplains, expressing fear that the city would be unable to protect the citizens from suffering from flood damage in 100 and 500 year floods. 

Despite the concern, City Council approved the motion and the action was passed.

The council also discussed Dinkey Day. Celebrations will require the closure of Welch Avenue between Hunt and Chamberlain streets on Sept. 26.

Dinkey Day will take place from 5 to 9 p.m. Sept. 26. The event celebrates the Dinkey, Ames’ historic passenger train that transported students and professors to campus from the city of Ames in the early 1900s. The event is conjoined with the Ames Sesquicentennial Celebration, which recognizes Ames’ 150 years as a city.

Some ISU student groups will be able to sell items at the celebration to recover lost revenue that would have been made during Veishea.

An events coordinator representative informed the council that a large crowd is expected and that the event will be a success.

The motion was carried and the request for the closure of Welch Avenue was approved.

The council moved on to discuss the closure of Douglas Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. for the grand reopening of the public library Sept. 14.

Gartin brought forth a concern for the businesses that may be affected and that they may be contacted prior to the event. The council voted and the resolution for the special event passed.

The first item of business was a proclamation for Addiction Recovery Month, which takes place in September and is dedicated to the awareness and improvement of those who suffer from addictions.

It was also brought to the attention of the council that the carbon footprint has been increasing in the city of Ames because of the increased use of CyRide. With a greater enrollment number, ridership on CyRide is also drastically increasing. Because of this, the buses are decreasing in efficiency and increasing carbon usage.

Although the council took no action on this matter at this time, it has made it known that it is aware of it and will work on that problem in the near future.