BREAKING: Ames Police investigating an attempted murder


Matt Belinson / Iowa State Daily

Ames Police respond to a fire on Aug. 28, 2020.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated on 5/31/2022.

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder according to police Tuesday. 

The Ames Police Department responded to Mary Greeley Hospital for a victim of a gunshot wound at 12:45 a.m. Monday. Officers followed up and found that the shooting occurred at the 600 block of South 17th Street a few minutes before the victim was brought to the hospital, according to a news release from the Ames Police Department. 

Police identified the victim to be Anthony M. Davis, 18, of Ames. He remains in the hospital in stable condition. 

Police have not released the identity of the suspect.

The case still remains under investigation with the potential for additional charges.

“We do not believe there is any ongoing threat to the public,” the release said. 

More information regarding this incident can be forwarded to the Ames Police Department at 515-239-5533 or the Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa at 515-223-1400.