5 different forms of cardio: Challenges


Photo: Nicole Wiegand/Iowa State Daily

Visitor are given a tour of the weight-lifting equipment, flanked by a row of televisions, during an open house on Sunday Jan. 8, at State Gym. Unlike Lied Recreation Center, State Gym’s weight equipment has its own dedicated area on the lower level, while all cardio equipment is located upstairs. 

Devin Wilmott

1) Stair Master

Challenge: 10 minutes on level 10 or higher.

2) Spinning Bike

Challenge: Intervals between hardest intensity (100rpm or higher) for 1 minute then medium (60 rpm or higher) intensity for 1 minute. Do this for 15 minutes.

3) Rowing Machine

Challenge: Focus on contractions of back when rowing instead of using arm strength. 

4) Jump rope 

Challenge: 100 jumps followed by 30 second jog in place. Repeat 10x under 12 minutes.

5) Swimming 

Challenge: Swim lap, run through water back to start. Repeat 10x.