$270,000 Investment For Cyclists


Bike Map

Renae Meines

Desiring to be more bicycle-friendly, the city of Ames has begun adding radar-based bicycle detection at several intersections throughout the town. We’ve all been stuck at red lights before that seem to never change, and this is a perpetual reality for most cyclists. However, new technology will treat bikes just as they would a car, and alert the light to change for them.

If you are driving around and see a little bicycle man painted on the road, that represents the presence of a bicycle radar. To make things easy, we’ve mapped them all out for you. Currently there are fifteen intersections utilizing the radar, although Ames plans to add more in the future.

Costing around $18,000 each, these investments are not cheap but will benefit the city in the long run. Not only do they encourage being environmentally friendly, they also promote bicycle safety, as riders will no longer be tempted to run red lights for the sake of time.

Where is the next intersection you would like to see bicycle detection placed in Ames?