Students react to Veisha

Will Fowler

In reaction to President Leath’s statement that “Veisha is ended and the name Veisha is retired,” some students are critical of the decision.

“You can’t cancel the bars,” said Trevor Erdman, a senior. “If you’re cancelling the nonalcoholic events, essentially you’re punishing the wrong people.”

“I think it’s stupid, the riot happened in the bars.”

Erdman said he would especially miss the concerts and other musical events.

“My family would come and visit me and we’d go to the parade,” said junior Kim Martinez. “Even if it [survives as] a bunch of little events, it doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna be a big celebration.”

“I’m kinda sad, it used to be a really fun event,” said Martinez. “You’d tweet out #Veisha, but now there’s no name or celebration.”

Sudhan Shu, an incoming freshman, said he regrets being unable to see Veisha.

“I would have loved it if it would have been continued next year,” said Shu. “But they discontinued it.”

“Because this [riot] happened this year doesn’t mean it will happen next year also,” said Shu. “They should have thought about other students.”