Iowa State makes improvements to campus buildings, public spaces

Dalton Bergan

• McKay Auditorium

Construction began last spring. The renovation of the auditorium within McKay Hall has been completed. McKay is now open and available for students to access again.

• Willow Hall

Over the summer, the concrete walls within Willow Hall were insulated to save energy on heating bills. The same thing will be done within Larch Hall during summer 2015.

• Jack Trice Stadium

Various projects were started to improve Jack Trice Stadium. Most noticably, work began to bowl in the south end zone and will continue into the football season.

• Friley Dining Center

Work will begin in 2015 to bring back the dining center that was once located within Friley Hall. This is estimated to be completed within a year after construction begins.

• Multiple sidewalk and road repairs

More than $100,000 was spent repairing sidewalks and streets throughout campus that may have been hazardous due to cracks or potholes.