Succeeding in class

Kenzi Mongar

College classes provide students with more opportunity to leave their curriculum comfort zones. Students are able to study a wide variety of diverse subjects they haven’t taken before.

Learning new and unfamiliar topics is one of the greatest opportunities the college experience provides. It can lead to switching majors or finding an area of study you love. Keep in mind a new curriculum isn’t always an easy adjustment. It can get difficult with having different professors and different styles of teaching.

“I took advantage of Iowa State’s tutoring services for my chemistry class and it helped me a lot,” said Sarah Al-Mazroa, junior in animal science.

Hixson-Lied Student Success Center is available for ISU students to get help in classes. Students can apply for a tutor, get academic coaching or attend supplemental instruction. Academic coaching is a one-on-one session that develops note-taking skills, motivation and test preparation. Supplemental instruction consists of study sessions emphasizing targeted course content. All services at the success center are free to students except tutoring. A tutor can be requested by applying online.

“Know your resources on campus and know what makes you personally successful,” said Rebecca Nation, a graduate assistant who works at the success center.

Students need to realize when they begin struggling in a class and ask for help sooner rather than later.

“Make connections and don’t see yourself as a number,” Nation said. “Envision success, see your goals and make them happen.”

Get to know your professor and introduce yourself in a big lecture hall. Find ways to stand out and create good impressions. Make friends with other classmates as it’s a great way to meet others and help each other get through a course.

“You have to hold yourself accountable since no one else is,” Nation said.

If you have trouble focusing in class, try sitting closer to the teacher. Take advantage of the assets available because they’re created to help you.

“I sit in the front row to make myself pay attention and if my notes have to be in great detail I use graph paper to help review them quickly,” said Jeff Silva, senior in management information systems.

The key to succeeding in class is simple — recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Do your best and if you need help along the way, Iowa State has resources waiting to assist you.