College of Human Sciences schedules Forker Building renovations

Greg Zwiers

The Forker Building is going to be the next College of Human Sciences building to be renovated, according to an ISU news release published July 10.

The renovations will transform an unused locker room and an office next to it into research space for the kinesiology department. The $668,000 expansion of the laboratory space is scheduled to start this fall.

The Forker Building renovations are part of renovations to multiple College of Human Sciences buildings, including MacKay and Lagomarcino halls.

According to the news release, kinesiology undergraduate enrollment has increased by 68 percent.

“With our increased enrollment and added faculty and staff, we clearly need renovations to our space,” said Pamela White, dean of the College of Human Sciences, according to the news release.

The new research area will include a space for “aerobic and strength training intervention equipment” and a cold storage area for students doing research with “physiological, biochemical and molecular biological analyses.”

Phil Martin, professor of kinesiology and chairman of the department, said that the renovations will allow the department to use space more effectively.

The news release stated that 10 percent of the 11,000 square feet of lockers in the Forker Building are being used.

The renovations are projected to be finished by May 2015.