City Council votes to annex land south of Ames

Will Fowler

Kathy May is facing a “disconnect fee” between $13,000 and $20,000 from Xenia, the company that supplies her with water. She brought the issue up with City Council during its meeting at 7:00 p.m. June 24.

“Will speaking do anything?” May asked after the discussion about annexing land south of the ISU Research Park. Councilman Matthew Goodman said the City Council tries to consider all opinions.

May told the council that they were only considering the business aspects of annexation.

The Council had proposed three different options for the annexation, which dealt with land south of Oakwood Road for the ISU Research Park. The option it chose, referred to by Councilman Peter Orazem as “the lesser of many evils,” annexed May’s home and cut her off from Xenia’s water supply pipeline. The Council tabled all annexation west of 530th Avenue.

“We have to join the city of Ames, they would have to give us our water,” May said. “The city is going to take out Xenia, which is a discussion we’ll have to have.”

In an interview with the Daily, May said the City Council is worried about damaging pipes. The Council told her that the annexation of her home was voluntary, but she said she had no choice

In an open letter to the Council, May said that she would consent to the annexation on the condition that her family be provided with the opportunity to connect to city of Ames water and sewer services.

The Bergesons, another family who consented to be annexed, live in the western zone that was tabled for discussion.

“I don’t want to say doomed, but at least the Bergesons won’t be annexed for a very long time,” Goodman said.

The annexation passed unanimously, with the comment that “the headaches are not done yet” from Orazem.

The software maintenance contract for the shared computer network used by Ames Police, ISU Police and the Story County sheriff’s department was renewed.

A five day class C liquor license for Olde Main Brewing Company was approved. The license is valid from June 24 to 29 at Reiman Gardens.

The Council also approved keeping three parking meters in front of 199 Stanton Ave. reserved for First National Bank. Goodman cast the one vote against the resolution.

All other resolutions passed.