Prepare for summer with these essentials

Kenzi Mongar

If you look around the local Target and Wal-Mart stores, you’ll notice frequently stocked displays of sun block and swimsuits; these items may be the most common, but certainly not the only ones you may need to survive the heat. Here is a list of other must-have summer essentials.


Boating and swimming are a few of the most popular ways for people to catch some rays and hang out with friends and family. You will probably be taking along some shades to see in the sun. However, take it upon yourself to buy cheap sunglasses, and not bring your favorite pair. Taking any expensive item on a boat is a loss waiting to happen, and the pool or beach can easily leave sunglasses sandy,scratched or stolen.


Time to take those bright neon colored shoes out of your closet! Winter may have put them away for storage — making you almost forget about them. However, summer is the perfect time to wear them around.

“They can’t get gross like they do in snow,” said Lauren PurdyCQ, junior in kinesiology and health.

Athletic shoes — like the black and orange Nikes Purdy was wearing — are essential since most students do some type of athletic activity in the summer. They’re also good to wear to work since standing for long periods of time can be brutal without good shoes.

Weather App

A smartphone weather app is the easiest and cheapest essential of them all. Summer is filled with radiant sun, but along with good weather comes bad weather. Rain can turn into your worst enemy if you are not prepared for it.

Make sure you checkout the forecast before planning any summer activities. Keep a travel umbrella or raincoat in your car or backpack just to be safe. Staying aware of the weather will help avoid being caught in a downpour or being cold at a bonfire.


Keep water a top priority during all summer activities. Make sure your water intake is increasing as much as the temperatures will be. Try going green and get a cheap refillable water bottle to stay hydrated!