Connections and Networking

Kelsey Bruggeman

Career Services at Iowa State offers students endless opportunities to excel in their future.

“We help with figuring out what you want to do after college and what you need to be doing now,” said Taren Crow, Director of Career services for the college of liberal arts and sciences.

Career Services provides students with assistance in areas such as writing resumes, cover letters, and searching for internships.

“I went to see the business career advisor last year and she helped with my resume and told me good companies to apply with for my major,” said Alex Albaugh, a junior in Supply Chain Management.

Speakers frequently come to talk to students about how to get the career they want and what the students should be doing now to be successful later on.

 “Iowa state has such a great reputation that there are a lot of companies and organizations that have recruited here for a long time,” said Crow

 Crow said the Career services office helps students get involved on campus and they are using their time wisely. 

“Alumni have a large role in the process of hiring students and we hope to use our alumni more to educate our students on giving connections into these organizations,” said Crow.

Students can go to CyHire to see lists on employers who will be coming to Iowa State for the career fair, information sessions, and workshops.

 “Thinking from an employer’s perspective would you rather hire a stranger or somebody you already know and you have a relationship with and can trust?” said Crow.

“I plan on using the career service center again next year when looking for a full time job after graduation,” said Albaugh.

The employer database aids students in seeing which employers have recruited before and gives them the resources needed to connect with them.

“The career service center helped me find what internships to apply for and sources to look for them,” said Albaugh.

“I think networking has always played a role, I think now it’s more important than ever because so many people think that they can just rely on public job sites,” said Crow.

 “Networking is something students are often overlooking because they think that they can just go online and search,” said Crow, “it is huge and has to begin early on, even in high school or your first year here, building strong relationships with advisors and professors and people at career fairs.”

“It always revolves around who you know, who knows you, who knows what you can do,” said Crow.