Ames Police make additional arrests in relation to riot

Makayla Tendall

The Ames Police Department has made additional arrests related to the riot April 8.

Two ISU students were arrested April 26 on charges relating to the April 8 incident as part of an ongoing investigation. 

Conor Welch, 18, of Ames, was arrested on charges of fifth degree theft, a simple misdemeanor.

Hunter Alexander, 20, of Ames, was charged with second degree criminal mischief, a felony.

By using photos and video of the riot to identify involved individuals, Ames Police has charged 13 individuals in connection to the disturbance. The department has also received many tips from the public regarding individuals involved in the riot and has also issued information requests along with pictures of individuals. 

“There may be additional arrests, but we are coming to the end on this case,” said a statement released with the press release. “We are still trying to identify the person in the white hat and yellow shirt from the previously released photos. The other people in the pictures were identified with the help of the public.”

Throughout the investigation, the Ames Police Department has worked with the ISU Police Department.