Copper Beech builds new community in Ames


Korrie Bysted/Iowa State Daily

Copper Beech apartment buildings are being built across from the Grove on South Grand Avenue. The new apartments are scheduled to open in the fall of 2014.

Kelsey Bruggeman

With the current influx of students into Iowa State and the Ames community, local apartment complexes are looking to expand. Copper Beech apartments are currently under construction for the fall of this year and offer additional housing to students and families.

Located across from The Grove apartments on South Grand Avenue, the new apartments have up to 2,000 square feet of space in the three and four bedroom apartments. One and two bedrooms are also available.

The corporate office for Copper Beech saw the increase of residents in Ames and decided they should provide more housing options.

“We saw families and students come into the office crying because there was no space in Ames for them to live,” said Erika Carley, sales manager at Copper Beech.

A total of 22 buildings will be built and ready to live in by fall of 2014.

Townhouses include a fully furnished, multi- level living space. A 3,000 square foot wellness center on site provides free tanning, a pool, and courts for recreational use.

Copper Beech townhouses want residents to feel at home. Opportunities for residents to socialize include live bands on site, along with dining options to meet with others, said Carley. 

“It’s giving them a foot into the door for what it’s like having a place like an actual home,” said Brittney Jackson, general manager of Copper Beech.

“It is really the environment and community that we have that sets us apart,” said Carley.

Copper Beech Apartments are the only apartments in the Ames community that offer two forms of shuttle busing. Along with Cyride, the Copper Beech Shuttle will provide residents a way to get to and from campus all day and night.

Copper Beech can also wave late fees for rent when a resident presents proof that financial aid is coming at a later date. With the first option, the resident must be able to pay the whole semester’s rent when financial aid is received.

The second option, for non-traditional students or families, works in a similar way. Residents must show proof that a payment is on the way and be able to pay for the semester’s rent.

“Copper Beech does not work directly with the university. It is up to the students,” said Jackson.

All staff will live on site in townhouse buildings and look forward to the new residents coming in the fall.

“There is a very diverse staff that helps plan events in the community with the diverse residents,” Jackson said. “The diversity helps build better relationships and a better community.”

Copper Beech apartments are currently all across the United States. During this time a deadline for building townhouses has never been missed.

“Ames is the perfect community, with an awesome education system,” said Carley. “People had no place to live and [we] wanted to be able to give them that.”