More arrests made, riot investigation continues


Blake Lanser/Iowa State Daily

Arrests in Campustown were high on Friday, April 11. Those who were arrested were taken to the Ames Fire Station No. 2 for booking.

Stephen Snyder

Investigations and arrests continue to be made in relation to crimes committed during the week of Veishea.

On April 17, a press release was issued by the Ames Police Department saying that the police made three additional arrests in relation to the riot, which occurred on the night of April 8 and the early morning of April 9. Two of the individuals are ISU students, while the third is a college age individual from Ankeny.

According to Investigations Commander Geoff Huff of Ames Police, the videos of the riot taken by participants or eyewitnesses have proved helpful throughout the investigation.

Huff said assistance from the ISU Police Department and general tips from the public have been vital in successfully completing these investigations.

“Generally, we are matching names to faces in the videos and pictures and conducting interviews,” Huff said.

The most recent arrests do not by any means mark the end of the investigation or the end of charges being filed against those who took part in the riot.

“We are continuing to follow up on tips and we will be filing additional charges this week.  I don’t know exactly when, but they are coming,” Huff said.

Another ongoing investigation of a major crime committed during Veishea week is a sexual assault. In a release issued to all students, ISU Police gave general details about the assault.

“A woman reported being sexually assaulted by two unidentified men near State Avenue and Arbor Street in Ames. The incident occurred on April 12, at approximately 10:45 p.m. near the ISU Arboretum, which is located on the southwest portion of campus,” the statement said.

ISU Police could not be reached for further comment, but they ask that any individual with information regarding this crime or any other crime committed on campus come forward and contact them at 515-294-4428.