Letter to the Editor: Alumna shares heartbreak, embarrassment

Dear Current Students,

I was heartbroken to wake up to the national news that there was a riot during Veishea at Iowa State University. As an alumna, I was also thoroughly embarrassed. What a sad way to respect a tradition that has been given to you to continue and improve.

I don’t think that alcohol can be blamed because in the late ’70s, everyone at Iowa State could drink and there were no riots. I realize that the majority of you are not the cause for the cancellation, but can we be consoled by that? There are still students at Iowa State who were entertained by the rioting and who continued to act like unruly children when asked to act like adults. 

My condolences to all of the students who were planning on representing their colleges during the event on Saturday. I, and many others, will miss getting to see your displays and hearing your presentations.