Editorial: Set aside negativity for the International Day of Peace

Editorial Board

In a world full of hate we could use a little peace of mind and reassurance that there are some good things going on beyond the tragedy.

With it being the International Day of Peace tomorrow, the ISD Editorial Board brings you four positive stories that remind us that sometimes the world isn’t all bad.

First up, here in Ames Carson King, a former Iowa State student, went viral after holding a sign that said “Busch Light needs replenished” along with his Venmo username. Before he knew it he had gathered over $1,000 on his account, which has grown to over $90,000 according to his Twitter bio. King plans to donate to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Busch and Venmo are matching the amount raised and will also be donating it to the same hospital.

In Paris, France, there are plans for one of the world’s largest urban farms on rooftops. This idea comes after a law approved back in 2015 stated rooftops must be at least partially covered in plants or solar panels. This rooftop farm will be used to feed the local community and it is hoped to produce 1,000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables.

Moving to Denmark, a telethon was dedicated to raising money for the planting of trees all over Denmark. In order to plant one million trees, organizers planned to raise around 20 million Danish kroner, which is equivalent to roughly 2.95 million U.S. dollars. Although they did not achieve the amount they were expecting to raise, they were able to raise enough to plant 914,233 trees.

Lastly, in Kenya, an elephant rescued by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) returned fourteen years later with a new surprise. The elephant — named Loijuk by SWT — was five months old at the time of her rescue. After SWT found her stranded in an inhospitable region in northern Kenya, they released her into the wild along with her adopted herd. Fourteen years after being released she returned with a calf of her own to greet the humans who once saved her life. The calf, now named Lili, is the 31st recorded offspring born to a rescued elephant by the SWT.

With all the bad things that are constantly happening, it is hard to see the good things going on around us at times. However, it is small gestures like these that go unappreciated a lot of the times, but serve as a reminder that there are still good things happening out there. Let’s set aside all of the negativity that we see on a day to day basis and focus on this day dedicated to peace on Earth.