Preparing for graduation

Saige Heyer

For some students, it may feel like it took forever for graduation to finally roll around. However, now it probably feels like there isn’t enough time to prepare for the ceremony.

Here are some things graduates and their families need to keep in mind while preparing for the graduation ceremony.

Plan your guest list

Some colleges limit each student to having only five friends and/or family members in attendance.

Sit down with your family and friends and decide who you want to be there.

Purchase your cap and gown

The undergraduate commencement ceremony for the entire university requires students to have a cap and gown, as do some of the colleges.

Students can purchase their caps and gowns at the University Bookstore in the Memorial Union. These cost $30.99. You can also purchase graduation tassels at the Bookstore for $4.99. Neither of these items can be charged to your U-Bill.

Another option you have is to borrow a cap and gown from a friend that already graduated or whose ceremony is before yours.

You do not need to go buy an entirely new outfit for this occasion. The university asks that students wear business attire under their gowns. After all, you never know if a future employer will be in attendance.

Special Assistance

If graduates need any special assistance before or during the ceremony, they are asked to contact Denise in 214 Enrollment Services Center. Students can call her at 515-294-0767 or email her at [email protected]

Jennifer WhalenCQ is the contact person for any guests that need special assistance. She can be reached at 515-294-9372 or [email protected]. Her office is located at 210 Enrollment Services Center.

Any accommodations need to be made before May 2.


Diplomas will be sent to graduates on May 30. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date on AccessPlus by May 6. After May 6, students will have to contact the graduation office with any changes they may have.