Charlie Yokes denied outdoor service privileges


Jen Hao Wong/Iowa State Daily

Gloria Betcher comments during the Ames City Council meeting on April 8 at City Hall.

Kelsey Batschelet

The Ames City Council did not approve outdoor service privileges for Charlie Yokes at the City Council meeting April 8.

The council heard from a spokesman for the Ames Police Department, as well as Jason Crimmins, owner of Charlie Yokes, on the issue.

Charlie Yokes is on a six-month probation due to numerous violations in 2013. The six-month renewal of its liquor license was issued in January after review of the establishments violations. During the 12 months prior to the renewal, the business had 33 citations.

Crimmins asked city council to approve outdoor privileges, which would allow the establishment to serve liquor on its back deck. Currently, the deck has a 5-foot-8-inch barrier surrounding it, Crimmins said.

“You’ve asked for an additional privilege while you were on probation,” said Ann Campbell, mayor of Ames.

Crimmins noted the decrease in the business’ violations since they were put on probation in January.

“My business is running with comparable violations to other businesses in Campustown,” Crimmins said.

The council brought attention to the behavioral concerns of the business’ employees. The police department cited an incident in which an employee of Charlie Yokes allowed minors to enter the establishment.

“I understand being under a microscope,” Crimmins said in reference to Charlie Yokes’ probation. “I don’t understand being held to higher expectations.”

After a discussion, the council moved to deny the outdoor privileges. Crimmins is allowed to appeal the decision if he so chooses.

The council also discussed requests from the Ames Chamber of Commerce for the Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market, which included closing blocks of Main Street and Burnett Avenue during the farmers’ market, as well as waiving the parking meter fees for those blocks.

“It’s a fledgling market. There needs to be a critical mass of success,” Matthew Goodman, city council member, said.

The council approved all the requests, but amended the parking meter fee request. The Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market will be required to pay $900 for the parking meter fees. The market is held on Saturdays, beginning May 3 and runs until October 25.

The council’s attention was brought to the request of CPM Development LLC of Minneapolis to amend the Land Use Policy Plan in order to construct a high-density apartment building aimed at students. CPM said the property was desirable due to the high-density buildings to the north and west of the site.

Concerns about the ability of CyRide to meet the demands of the new apartments were discussed.

“My main concern is if you put 1200 people on that site and don’t have the streets to carry them out and CyRide is maxed out, you’ve got 1200 people who have to drive,” Gloria Betcher, city council member, said.

The council moved to approve the motion for a minor amendment to the Land Use Policy Plan.

The council also approved a liquor license for Olde Main Brewing Company at the Iowa State University Alumni Center, and a six-month beer and wine license for outdoor service for Ames Jaycees at Bandshell Park.

The Iowa State University Student Society of Landscape Architects received an approval of its request to have the parking meter fees for Space 50 on Chamberlain Street waived for a “parklet” demonstration from April 24 – Aug. 30.