Regents discuss task force, parking rates

Danielle Ferguson

Mandatory student fee allocation, parking rates, residential rates and revisions to Hach Hall and Jack Trice Stadium were approved at the April Board of Regents meeting in Council Bluffs.

The board unanimously approved a $2.3 million request to purchase a video scoreboard and sound system from Daktronics, Inc. for the south end zone of Jack Trice Stadium.

Warren Madden, senior vice president of business and finance, said there are no maps of the finished stadium drawn yet.

There will be no increase in student fees as a way to pay for the scoreboard, according to the board’s docket item.

Madden said the whole south end zone and flat space project, which is about $60 million, hopes to be completed by the 2015 football season.

The $4.8 million request to finish the basement level laboratories in Hach Hall was also approved. Madden said this project should be completed either summer or fall 2015.

Residence and dining rates were approved for an increase of about 1.4 percent. This is based on a traditional double room with standard meal plan. A traditional double room with air conditioning, excluding meal plan, will be about $4,200, a $62 increase from last year.

Iowa State has the smallest increase of the three regent universities.

The board also approved distributions of mandatory student fees.

Students will pay a $73.50 student activity fee. This will go to student government and legislative relations.

A $191.20 student services fee will go to CyRide and intercollegiate athletics.

Building fees will be $55, going to the Memorial Union and Multicultural Center.

In December, the board approved the total 2014-2015 fees. Total mandatory student fees will be $1,083.40. Other elements of the total come from technology, health, career services and recreation fees. Iowa State has the lowest amount of student fees among the three regent universities.

The board unanimously approved parking rates for 2014-15, as well.

The illegal parking fee will increase from $30 to $40 and the parking without an appropriate permit fee will increase from $25 to $30.

A fine for stealing a permit increased by $70—now $150.

President Steven Leath spoke to the board about the Veishea incident and the security breach that was discovered on campus servers.

He spoke of a six-part plan to enhance computer security on campus, including identity detection software and encouraging stronger passwords.

Leath said the Veishea task force’s first meeting was Thursday night and he hopes to have recommendations about how to carry out Veishea in the future by the end of June.

He also said Government of Student Body President Hillary Kletscher and other student leaders have begun holding meetings with students to discuss what it means to be a Cyclone.

Regent President Bruce Rastetter and President Pro Tem Katie Mulholland were re-elected to their same offices for the next academic year. Both abstained from voting for their own office position.

The next Board of Regents meeting will be June 4 and 5 in Ames.