Game show ‘Running Man’ inspires ISU club’s fundraiser for Sri Lankan schools

Katharina Gruenewald

The International Student Council will host the first Running Man competition April 5, modeled after the popular variety show in South Korea of the same name. The competition aims to raise funds for impoverished primary schools in Sri Lanka.

“In our event, teams of five members go head-to-head with other teams, by taking part in zany and fun mini-games, and ultimately claim the title of champion,” said Fang Hao Lim, junior in microbiology and the council’s events coordinator.

The TV show the event is based on originated in South Korea but has become more internationally popular as it has done episodes in other countries, such as China and Australia, said Firdaus Ridzuan, senior in geology and the council’s vice president.

“The show blends variety and reality television genres into one show,” Lim said. “Every episode revolves around a set theme ranging from the mystical adventures of uniting the Three Kingdoms in China, to the crafty tasks of constructing a boat out of cardboard boxes.”

The event will have games similar to the ones featured in the show.

“We’re taking baby steps to make sure that the game is simple to pick up but still a whole bunch of fun for the participants,” Lim said.

Registration is $15 per team with the possibility to sign up individually for $3.

Lim said the event is more focused on those who are familiar with “Running Man” since it is a brand new event.

“We are all big fans of the show and we were watching it together, and then we all had the idea to create our own ‘Running Man’ show for our charity,” said Susan Beisel, sophomore in political science.

The event is trying to raise funds to purchase basic school supplies, such as pens, papers and notebooks, for primary schools in Sri Lanka.

The event will take place on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Carver Hall, Pearson Hall as well as outside.

“I am so excited for this event,” Beisel said. “We are trying to make a difference, and we have seen the multicultural community really stand behind us on a lot of our fundraising events in the past, so I hope to see them really work for change on this front as well.”