Students pay special attention to coffee shops during Dead Week


Richard Martinez/Iowa State Daily

Lorry’s Coffee has moved locations inside Mother’s Pub on West Avenue due to the construction on Lincoln Way. 

Hannah Williams

Students pay close attention to coffee shops around campus during Dead Week, especially Lorry’s Coffee that has been relocated to Mother’s Pub west of campus.

The two businesses are now sharing the facility. Lorry VerSteeg, co-owner of Lorry’s Coffee, says that business is doing well after the move. The manager of Mother’s Pub has been very amicable and helpful with all of the necessary accommodations, VerSteeg said.

Lorry’s Coffee has not officially opened, but last Wednesday they did have what VerSteeg calls a “soft opening.” Versteeg thinks word got out a little bit on Facebook. The business was looking to make that the starting point, but was not entirely ready for a reopening. 

“There are just a lot of complications when you are putting two businesses into one building,” said VerSteeg.

Mother’s Pub is now only Lorry’s Coffee from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m when Lorry’s and Mother’s Pub operate at the same time. After seven, Lorry’s is closed and the facility is only Mother’s Pub when the facility turns into more of a bar scene.

Lorry’s Coffee moved because of a large apartment complex being built on its former Lincoln Way location. 

Although not much changes during Dead Week for Lorry’s Coffee, shops on campus are currently facing their own changes.

James Studley, assistant manager at The Hub since 2012, said that coffee sales at The Hub during Dead Week are similar to a regular week’s. During the nighttime they expect they will have people that stay longer, as well as a little increased business.

“People’s schedules change so much during Dead Week, sometimes it is not that they increase our sales, but they kind of move our sales to nighttime,” said Studley.

Usually at night the dining room is not full, whereas during Dead Week they can definitely see that it is full, Studley said. Caribou is open until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and on Friday they are open until 5 p.m. However, it is not open on the weekends.

The Bookends cafe at Parks Library stays open until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and is open at various times all weekend as well. Bookends is expecting to have to make accommodations for changes during dead week.

Amanda Plazyk, the night manager of Bookends, has been with Iowa State University Dining for five years now. She said that Bookends does get really busy for Dead Week. It gets the busiest closer to the end of Dead Week, especially on Sunday. Sunday of Dead Week is the busiest day and Plazyk expects to have to request more employees and more milk, an ingredient they use heavily for their drinks.

Plazak thinks that it is not just coffee sales that increase, but all caffeine intake increases.

“We had people come in just last night buying Red Bull and Five Hour Energy,” said Plazyk.

Plazyk also used to work for the Design Café as well.

“At Design everyone’s finals are during dead week, so Finals Week at design is dead.”

Students own coffee drinking habit changes during Dead Week.

“I am more likely to drink coffee during Dead Week because I spend more time at the library and it’s easily accessible,” said Taylor Ward, sophomore in elementary education, a frequent coffee drinker. 

Mohammed Alzayer, junior in materials engineering, an avid coffee drinker, expressed his thoughts on an increase in coffee drinking during Dead Week.

“Some people think it enhances their performance, but I just drink it for pleasure,” said Alzayer.

Grace Loeschke, freshmen in open option, a moderate coffee drinker, said she thinks her coffee drinking habits change during Dead Week.

“I get up earlier and need to be more productive. I also stay up later and use it to keep me awake and productive.”