Campus Dining sets up booth to teach about healthy habits

Dalton Bergan

Students getting meals from campus facilities this week will have the opportunity to learn about health and nutrition. March is National Nutrition Month, and campus dining services is working to teach students more about what they can do to be healthier.

Lisa Nolting, dietitian and program coordinator, will visit the four major dining centers throughout the week to keep students informed. Nolting and an intern will run a booth inside the dining centers to promote healthier habits.

The booth will be set up from 5-7 p.m. each night, at Storms on March 10, Conversations March 11, Seasons on March 12 and ending at Union Drive Marketplace on March 13.

“We try to promote nutrition year-round with posters and things like that, but this is the big push nationally,” said Communication Specialist Kent Davis. “We’re doing a concentrated effort in the dining centers to get students informed.”

The booth will have a Wheel of Nutrition to attract students. Students will spin the wheel, then they will be asked a health-related question. If the question is answered correctly, the person playing will receive a prize.

“It’s a big, loud wheel, so students will hear it,” said Nolting. “Hopefully that will draw their attention, so that they stop by our booth.”

Besides spinning the wheel, students who stop by the booth can also try some free samples of two different Greek yogurt dips. Recipe cards will be available for these dips, and students are encouraged to take one.

Nolting started working for the university in July. Since the university hasn’t had a full-time dietitian for a while, Nolting said she has been trying many new things this year to keep students informed of what dining services can offer them.

She has been communicating with dining services to make sure they can serve students in the most effective way possible.

“We’re trying to focus on developing a mission and vision, and we’re also trying to decide what we’re going to do for education,” said Nolting. “We did a few small things this year, but we definitely want to do more in the next few years.”

Students are encouraged to stop by the booth to spin the wheel of nutrition and grab some healthy recipes. Informational placemats will also be set on tables throughout the dining centers so that students who don’t stop by the booth can get something out of the event.

Anyone wanting to learn more about ways to eat healthy or wanting to keep up with what’s happening within dining services can get more information by following @ISUdining on Twitter, or by following Nolting’s blog at