Rohlfing: ‘I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything’


2019-2020 Sports Editor Noah Rohlfing.

Noah Rohlfing

It’s pretty wild what being bad at college golf can do to a person.

It was my freshman year at Concordia University (Nebraska), and I was not having a good time. Sure, I was a journalism major already, and I wanted to write about sports, but I had no conduit to do so. I was away from home, away from all of my friends and away from my girlfriend.

Being on the golf team didn’t help because by this point, I had realized I didn’t really love the game of golf as much as I had in high school.

When I was talking to my friend Isaac about how much I disliked it here, he suggested I transfer back to Iowa State and write for the Daily. He gave me the email for the guy who would be the sports editor in 2017, Brian Mozey, and the editor-in-chief for 2017, Emily Barske. 

I emailed them because by this point, I had decided to leave Concordia and go back home (you don’t really get over crying in your dad’s arms after Christmas break because you don’t want to go back). I sent the email, not knowing if I would even get a beat or how it worked in the first place.

I got put on soccer, had a great time and before I knew it, I was covering women’s basketball in my second semester at the school. Now I’m the sports editor. It’s stressful — oh boy, is it stressful — but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.