Breckenridge Group no longer pursuing rezoning for housing

Emelie Knobloch

Breckenridge Group withdrew their application for a rezoning request for a new student housing development at the March 25 city council meeting.

“Yesterday we received a request from the applicant to remove the item from the agenda,” said Judy Parks, attorney for the city of Ames. “The application for the Breckenridge addition has been withdrawn.”

Breckenridge had made a request to change the 28.9 acres of land from the special-government and airport land to residential medium-density land.

Breckenridge had planned to build a new student housing rental development with a mix of residential unit types ranging from two-family townhomes to apartment style units.

“We are assuming this will come back at a later date,” Parks said. “They would like to set the three estates they have for a workshop for a comprehensive plan to improve those estates.”

The city manager’s recommendation has stated the change would be detrimental to the general welfare of the community and the surroundings in its intensity of development.

The ISU Achievement Foundation, ISU Research Park and Erben and Margaret Apartments LLC have filed annexation petitions to give their land up for the research park. 

“In order to avoid creating an island, we would have to include non-consenting property,” said Charlie Kuester of the planning and zoning committee.

The three of the six parties that filed the annexation petitions are a part of the consenting property owners. Three other properties will need to agree to make the property a consolidated island. 

“We are asking you to take the time and see if there are other property owners that would come in as consenting property owners,” Kuester said.

The council approved taking the time to see if there are more property owners that would be willing to consent.

“Now, this is all part of the school district, correct?” asked councilman Peter Orazem.

Kuester responded that yes, the entire property is part of the school district.

The city council also approved the planning and zoning committee to combine the two annexations into one request.

Kuester said this would make the process simpler and faster.

There was a proclamation made for “Eco Fair Day” on March 29, 2014, and “Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance Month” to be the month of April.

“Eco Fair Day” will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center Gymnasium at 515 Clark Ave. in Ames.

At the event, there will be educational booths and food. Ames residents can find the answers to energy-efficiency, conservation and sustainability questions, according to the city of Ames website.

Liquor licenses were also renewed for Café Northwest of 114 Des Moines Ave. and Paddy’s Irish Pub of 126 Welch Ave.