Efficiency review team visit moved

Danielle Ferguson

The efficiency review team that was scheduled to visit campus this week will now visit the week of April 14 due to a variety of scheduling conflicts, said Miles Lackey, associate vice president and Iowa State’s representative to the review committee. 

The efficiency review stemming from the Board of Regents, titled “Rising to the next TIER: Transparency and Inclusiveness in the Efficiency Review,” will look into the spending and educating efficiencies of the three regent universities, Iowa State, University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa. 

The Board of Regents selected consultant company, Deloitte, in February to conduct the efficiency review that will determine how efficient university operations are. 

Deloitte is scheduled to be on ISU’s campus April 1 to present an overview of the study to campus stakeholders.

“It’s meant to provide an opportunity for the campus community to come and learn more about what they’re going to be doing,” Lackey said. “It’ll also give them an opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback.”

Lackey said the team will meet with administrators, faculty and students, but didn’t know exactly how members of the discussions will be selected or when the meetings will be held. 

The study is scheduled to continue throughout the remainder of the year and look at the three regent universities separately and as a whole. Areas of study include business functions, programs and facilities.

“The savings achieved through this effort will be reinvested into programs on campus that strengthen our teaching, research and service missions, and therefore ensure that we continue to provide high-quality public education that is affordable to our students and their families,” said President Steven Leath in a letter released Friday.

Lackey said the review is about making wise investments in the university and is an opportunity for stakeholders to come and learn more about Iowa State.

The open forum is scheduled to be held in Howe Hall from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. April 1. Anyone is welcome to attend and ask questions. 

Iowa State’s efficiency website is http://web.iastate.edu/efficiency/